Helping Keep Dogs in Their Homes

Organization of Support for
Canine Achievement & Recovery, Inc.
The Real Oscar
Oscar is a very energetic, funny and sweet dog who makes a big impression on everyone he meets! His pet parent, Natasha, fell for him almost instantly and they have been inseparable ever since.

Oscar is three years old and has overcome a lot in his life. Rescued from a puppy mill, he was pretty sick when Natasha first brought him home. He had internal parasites, a head cold and an ear infection. After lots of love, he recovered and became a super happy, funny dog. When Oscar was about 6 months old, he ran into a glass door and broke the vertebrae in his neck. He instantly suffered from temprary paralysis and, after an expensive surgery and recovery, he, once again, returned to being his happy, funny self. His resilience inspires everyone, dogs and humans alike! Whether it's a new dog or a new human, Oscar is always ready with lots of love to give!

Oscar's spirit motivated Natasha to start this organization. The medical procedures, rehabilitation and, mostly, the happy times, made her realize that she was very lucky to be able to support Oscar in his times of need and she wanted to help others. Through education and training, it is possible to help keep dogs in their homes.