Helping Keep Dogs in Their Homes

Organization of Support for
Canine Achievement & Recovery, Inc.
About Us
The Organization of Support for Canine Achievement and Recovery (O.S.C.A.R.) is an organization whose mission is to support the positive modification of canine behavior and ensure they are set up for success in recovering both from physical ailments and adverse environments. The foundation of our work is based on three pillars - understanding of dog behavior, obedience training and positive recovery practices.
Dog Behavior
Understanding dog behavior creates more successful interactions for dogs and pet parents. The relationships that are formed with dogs and between dogs will allow people to better understand how they can assist canines throughout their lives.
Obedience Training
We believe that basic dog obedience training is fundamental to a dog's success, both for safety and to ensure they are as adoptable as possible and able to transition easily into their new homes. It fosters confidence in both dogs and people, especially in changing situations.
Positive Recovery Practices

Dogs with physical ailments, dog in shelters and dogs coming from unsafe homes all need positive recovery experiences. These include the education of situations and ailments, foster programs and a significant amount of patience and dedication to the process.