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It's November!

November is a month chalk-full of awareness and appreciation! This month, OSCAR will be focusing on canine nutrition - all things diet, foods, treats, weight and more! Check out our Facebook page and Instagram for daily updates and information!

November has some good pet-themed holidays to celebrate and acknowledge. The entire month of November is focused on Senior Pets - both owning them and adopting them! Senior dogs are a wonderful addition to a family because they are usually housetrained and they are past all of the crazy puppy phases (like chewing and general rowdiness). Adopting a senior dog is an amazing experience for both you and the dog - you will be getting a calm, loveable and

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loving companion, and they are getting a safe place to land in their final years of life. Senior dogs are often surrendered to shelters because they are either too old, families get a new puppy, they have medical expensers that families are unable or unwilling to cover, or their elderly owner passes away. Of course, none of these situations are the fault of the dog, but they are difficult to place in forever homes due to their age. Even though a senior pet will only be around for a few years, you ahve the ability to make those years wonderful, and they will return the favor!
November is also a month for Pet Cancer Awareness. Each year, about 6 million dogs are diagnosed with cancer. The Animal Cancer Foundation provides a wealth of knowledge on how cancer impacts your pet, your wallet and the decisions you have to make for your dog.

November 1st is National Cook for Your Pet Day! Get ready to make your dog an appropriate meal! This is a really fun and safe way to change up your dog's eating routine. Cook up some carrots and chicken without any spices (these can be dangerous for dogs) and then throw some blueberries on the side for a fun dinner that you made from scratch.

November 4th through the 10th is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Month, so take some time to visit your local shelter and volunteer your time or put together a fundraiser to help them raise some much needed funds!

November 7th is National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day, another important aspect of Pet Canine. It is important to know and understand the signs of symptoms of cancer in dogs because they cannot tell you when something is wrong!

Thanksgiving Day has always been the presentation and airing of the AKC's Dog Show! Check out the show to see some of your favorite dog breeds!

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